Leak finder is money well spent

A new piece of equipment for finding leaks in water lines is “working out tremendously,” says Mount Pearl Deputy Mayor Jim Locke.
He made the observation at last week’s public council meeting.
Like all municipalities drawing water from the Bay Bulls Big Pond system, Mount Pearl is contending with huge water bills that are projected to grow even steeper next year.
That makes the detection and stopping of leaks important dollar wise.
Locke said the correlator “is allowing us to identify the leaks as accurately as possible. There’s less digging, less resource time spent.”
At less than $40,000, Locke said the correlator is one of the best investments he’s seen since becoming a councillor.
According to the City’s Director of Infrastructure and Public Works, Gerry Antle, the correlator uses computer software to track the acoustic 'footprint' of leaks along a water line, helping workers to locate the source of a leak faster.

Posted on July 24, 2015 .