Pearlgate Club performs strongly in Atlantic meet

Athletes from the Pearlgate Track and Field Club made their presence known at the Atlantic championships held in Prince Edward Island last weekend, winning 22 medals and finishing as the fifth best club among 22 groups competing at the meet.
“The whole event was a perfect step up for us from the competitive level that we typically see in out track meets,” said one of the coaches accompanying the team, Mark Miller. “It’s a perfect warmup for our athletes to get ready for the Legion National. It was a really competitive event and I think we surprised a lot of people up there.”
Surprisingly, the weather in PEI was as bad as that home. “It was like 15 degrees and drizzle most days,” Miller said. “And the wind was actually pretty strong on Sunday.”
The inclement weather was an advantage of sorts for the Newfoundland athletes, because they are used to running in it, Miller admitted, but cold, wet weather isn’t a boon for performance times.
Nevertheless Pearlgate runner Levi Moulton ran times that were enough two set two new records, at least for runners from this province, while teammate Jennifer Boland also set a Newfoundland provincial record. Moulton’s records were in the 1,200 metre and 2,000 metre events, while Boland set hers in the 100 metre race. “The weather definitely played a factor,” said Miller. “I would say their times could have been even better, but ultimately we’re still pretty happy with the times, obviously.”
Along with Moulton and Boland, the Pearlgate medallists included Julia Kawamoto, Amanda Wilkins, Chantal Barnes, Joey Pittman, Emily Foley, Michael Boone, Camryn Bonia, Victoria Healey, Noah Gullage, Eric Knight, Evan Knight and Mykenzi Harding. Max Baker Pike and Oliver Phillpott also won medals at the Atlantic Run, Jump and Throw Championships for athletes 13 years old and under, which was held at the same time. Other members of the team Pearlgate team included Caitriona Bonia, Chloe Dawe, Allison Whelan, Ruth Shelton, Skye Barnes and Gerard Power, all of whom turned in strong performances as well.
Miller said the members of the Pearlgate contingent really enjoyed the tournament. “Everybody loved it,” he said. “It was a well-organized meet. It’s just nice to get out and see some different competition. Everybody had a good time, it was a great group… The running community is still relatively small here, so it’s always nice to not have to race the same person you’ve raced all summer.”
The next big meet for the club’s members is the Legion National Yoyth Track and Field Championships set for Sainte-Thérése, Quebec later this week. Most of the 17 athletes on the Newfoundland and Labrador tream are members of the Pearlgate Track Club.

Posted on August 7, 2015 .