Time capsule passes mayor by

It looks like Mayor Randy Simms’ hope of seeing a time capsule buried in a vault in the centre of a compass rose at St. David’s Field as part of a new park honouring the city’s veterans won’t be achieved after all.

"Tell me I’m wrong," said Simms, reviewing a photograph of the construction that was tabled during last week’s public council meeting. The picture showed no evidence of a vault in the middle of the giant round concrete platform that will eventually house bubble jets as part of a water fountain that will serve as a centre piece of the park.

"We were going to put a time capsule there in the heart of that compass rose," the mayor noted. "If we’re not going to do it, I guess that’s fine, but I understood we were."

"I remember the discussion on that," said councillor John Walsh.

"I remember the discussion (too), but I don’t think there was anything ‘concrete’ on it," quipped councillor Paula Tessier, twisting the mayor’s tail.

"Let’s talk about it in committee," suggested councillor Dave Aker.

"Wouldn’t it be neat to get the kids and some people to put some stuff together to put in a time capsule for the City, and ask our local groups to add something to it?" said Simms. "In 30 years or 40 years somebody will open it."

Simms allowed that maybe he leapt to the conclusion there had been an agreement to include the vault and time capsule and perhaps there was no such consensus at all. "So are we going to make a decision or not?" he persisted.

"Maybe we can talk about it later," said councillor Walsh.

"Oh oh. I’m not going to get my time capsule, am I? Simms said.

"You might be in it yet," joked Tessier.

Posted on August 4, 2016 .