Short but busy council session

By Kyle Reid | The Pearl

Mount Pearl City Council wasted little time getting down to business on Oct. 30 for a short and sweet regular meeting with a number of motions passed over the 40 minutes council gathered in chambers.

Council made short work of the 11 motions passed over the next 15 minutes before council’s round table discussion which lasted just as long.

Co-chairs of the Infrastructure and Public Works Committee, Deputy Mayor Jim Locke and Councillor Isabelle Fry, kicked things off with Locke motioning council to approve a change order for the supply and delivery of five additional traffic poles at a cost of $4,743. The new traffic poles will be installed at the intersection of Blackmarsh Road and Topsail Road and are designed with push-to-walk buttons more easily accessible for people with mobility issues. The motion passed unanimously.

Locke then motioned that council approve a second change order for new LED Lights to be installed near the new diesel fuel storage tank at the H. Neil Windsor Municipal Building. The cost for supply and installation of the lights totalled $10,882.45. The deputy mayor noted that the additional work was needed for safety reasons. The added cost put the project some $2,000 over the previously allotted $75,000 budget, Locke explained, but he noted that with a GST rebate the project would remain under budget. Council unanimously approved the motion.

Next, Locke motioned to award a contract to complete a topographic survey of St. David’s Avenue and Fourth Street to Legge Survey’s for the amount of $4,285. The motion was approved unanimously.

Fry tabled the committee’s last motion. She recommended council approve a second phase of a Memorial University project which is researching an improved method of detecting potential water main leaks before they occur. The three year project comes at an annual cost of $12,000 to the City. Fry’s motion was approved unanimously.

With Councillor Lucy Stoyles absent from the meeting, Councillor Andrew Ledwell served as the seconder for Councillor Bill Antle’s motions. Antle tabled three motions for the Planning and Development Comittee: the approval of the development and the building permit list, and a renewal of an expired development permit for 969 Topsail Road. All motions were approved unanimously.

Posted on November 22, 2018 .