Waterwork set for Tweedsmuir

By Craig Westcott | The Pearl

It's late in the construction season, but Mount Pearl Dave Aker is hoping the City can complete some repairs to the watermain on Tweedsmuir Place so that residents won't have to continue to experience discoloured water in their taps.

Councillor Isabella Fry made the motion to award the $85,330 contract to Trenchless Solutions. The work includes a couple of rounds of cleaning and inspection by cameras.

"We've had some water discoloration as everybody knows over the last number of weeks and our staff have tried various options," Fry said. "We decided the best option would be to spray the lining (of the pipe)."

About 200 metres of pipe will get cleaned and sprayed.

"Yes, I think this work is a little bit overdue considering some of the issues we're having here," Mayor Aker observed. "It's better to start this work now rather than in two months time when winter sets in."

Posted on December 13, 2018 .