Residents of Sunrise Avenue ‘guaranteed’ paving for winter

Residents of the Sunrise Avenue area of Mount Pearl will be happy to hear that the city has guaranteed the street be paved in preparation for winter snow clearing.

“We will have pavement down. That is a guarantee to the residents that there will be pavement down on Sunrise,” Deputy Mayor Jim Locke said Tuesday afternoon during the city’s public council meeting.

“Come next spring we’ll do a further inspection, and if it’s not up to city standards, well then it will have to be replaced.”

The city’s director of infrastructure and public works Gerry Antle says if the paving job isn’t up to city standards it simply won’t be paid for. The cost of replacing the pavement, if necessary in the spring, will not fall on the residents but the contractors.

With snow already on the ground, and more on the way, the city is still set on moving forward with completing the pavement, fresh off of the heels of Second Street being completed and curbs on Sunrise Avenue being installed.

The city acknowledged the growing frustration echoed by residents of the area, adding future road projects will meet earlier deadlines to avoid overlapping with the winter season.

“This is not acceptable. It doesn’t happen often here, but we’re dealing with it as effective as we can,” Locke said.

“But going forward, our hopes is that the work will be done before predetermined dates, and we won’t be running into this snowfall issue.”

Of course, completion of the road project on Sunrise will be weather pending, but the city remains optimistic that the project will be completed before getting deep into winter.

Posted on January 9, 2019 .