Sycamore Place water safe to drink, says City

If you’re a resident of Sycamore Place you may have noticed a slight discolouration of your tap water.

However, city staff say the water is completely clean and safe, but are working to resolve the water main lining issue.

The issue came up at the public council meeting on Tuesday night where Deputy Mayor Jim Locke said the city will proceed with fixing the water main lining in a section of Sycamore Place.

The total cost will be $24,120.

The city will use the same company that completed a similar project on Tweedsmuir Place, and the motion to proceed with the project was voted for unanimously.

“I completely understand potability, and safe drinking water,” said Coun. Andrea Power.

“We are taking this seriously.”

The idea behind continuing with Trackless Solutions, the company responsible for aiding in the help of fixing the Tweedsmuir water main lining, was that it allows for the city to only dig up a small area of pavement rather than a large area on a residential street, lessening the disruption of resident’s lives.

Posted on January 9, 2019 .