A card full of kindness

By Amy Cleary | For The Pearl | Vol. 7 No. 3 (February 14 2019)

Valentines Day with all its pink and glitter can be pretty lonesome for some people. Project Kindness has decided to change that.

“Project kindness is just an idea that people have a tremendous amount of potential to do good and to do things for each other,” said Hasan Hai, of Mount Pearl, the leader of Project kindness in Newfoundland. “This is just a platform for people to come together. Maybe the ideas aren't their own, but they can get involved. The seeds are planted, and the people involved in the project will build on these things and be inspired to do things in their own way.”

For the past two years, Project Kindness has been collecting Valentine’s Day cards from specific locations in Mount Pearl and St. John’s.

“The premise is pretty simple. It’s just getting a bunch of people to make Valentine’s cards, make or bake some treats and we’re going to donate them,” said Hai.

Project Kindness will deliver the cards and treats to organizations that have “marginalized” populations.

“People in shelters, Choices for Youth, and the penitentiary, Hai explained. “Anyone here who is isolated and maybe isn’t as connected to people.”

The cards include positive messages.

“It’s going to be a message that you would like to receive if you had it on your windshield,” Hai said. “You would want to see something like that.”

The cards have not only been made by kind-hearted folks among the public; school children have jumped on board too.

“Holy Family in Paradise made 500 cards,” said Hai. “Other schools have been involved including my daughter’s school (Mary Queen of the World).”

The cardmaking fever has even reached outside of Mount Pearl and the surrounding area.

“People are getting involved in Happy Valley Goose Bay. They are making it there and distributing it themselves locally,” said Hai.

Hai believes the idea is just pure kindness.

“To understand that someone took some time to actually put this together and make it for you is really nice,” said Hai.

Mount Pearl resident Jenny Paddock also believes in the power of kindness.

“I think it’s a nice way to make people who are struggling feel thought of,” said Jenny Paddock. “Maybe even make them feel hopeful for a better future.”

The future is indeed bright for Project Kindness. The group is ever expanding, and Hai sees a hopeful future.

“I have a vision that every person in Newfoundland and Labrador who is able to will make a card, and then they can find someone else to give it to,” said Hai.

Posted on February 20, 2019 .