Expect more potholes than usual, Locke warns

It’s a sure sign of spring in Newfoundland as longer days and warmer weather appear: potholes.

And Mount Pearl Deputy Mayor Jim Locke says residents should expect to see more of them than usual.

“I’ve received three or four calls about the number of potholes,” Locke said at last week’s public council meeting. “Just to remind folks, it’s been reported in the media that it’s been some of the coldest temperatures reported in the last 25 years. So, our ground is probably frozen in excess of three feet I would suggest, which is much deeper than we’ve seen in the past number of years. I think we’re going to see more potholes pop up this year with the freeze - thaw cycle in the next month or so.”

Lock says the City does it’s best to deal with potholes as they develop, and that if citizens see one, to call it in.

“Pot holes are unavoidable, but our staff and crews do a great job,” he said. “If we can’t fix them right away we put signage there.”

Posted on April 3, 2019 .