Mount Pearl boy recognized with kindness award

By Mark Squibb | Vol 7 No. 11 (June 6, 2019)

A Mount Pearl boy is the recipient of a very special award.

Luke MacPherson, 10, is a cub with the Mount Pearl Lions Scouting Group.

At a recent Beaver Buggy Rally held in early April, Luke was helping man the canteen with fellow Scout Anthony Boland-Duggan.

“A little boy came up to the canteen and he asked me for a ring pop. And he gave me 25¢. And ring pops are a dollar,” explained Luke.

Rather then turn the boy away, Luke handed over some coin form his own pocket to make up the difference.

Luke MacPherson was recognized for a kind deed he did for another Scouts member.  Mark Squibb photo

Luke MacPherson was recognized for a kind deed he did for another Scouts member.

Mark Squibb photo

It’s a small gesture that caught a lot of attention, first from the boy’s family.

“His dad came over and said thanks for being nice to my kid. It’ll teach him a good lesson.”

But Anthony also took notice.

“He was the one who went home and said, ‘mom, Luke did this, is there something that we can do?’” explained Kathy MacPherson, Luke’s mother.

Anthony found that he could nominate Luke for a Scout’s Canada Youth Commissioner’s Commendation award, which he did.

Luke was presented the award on May 22 at the Morris Academy, where Luke’s group, Cub Pack B, regularly meets.

“It’s really a special award,” said local Area Commissioner Janet Kent, who noted that it’s the first time someone from Mount Pearl has been awarded the Youth Commissioner Commendations award.

“To have maintained and grown as an individual, and then to really demonstrate everything that we instil, it was really fantastic to present him with the award.”

Luke’s parents of course are quite proud of their son’s achievement.

“As a parent you always hope your children are treating others well and doing the best that they can for themselves and everyone else around them. And it’s easy for anyone, an adult or a child, to do what’s right when people are watching, but what do they do when people aren’t?” sad his father Roary MacPherson.

“Luke had no idea anyone was observing, he just did a selfless act. To me and Kathy, that’s one thing that makes us the proudest; that he did something without knowing he was going to get a reward of any type.”

“Cub Scouts Canada certainly lays a foundation of helping others and allowing community involvement,” noted Kathy MacPherson, Luke’s mother.

Luke, meanwhile, says that being kind is simple.

“It’s really easy to be nice to people. Like, the golden rule; treat others like you want to be treated.”

Posted on June 20, 2019 .