City moving to online only registration for most rec programs

     The City of Mount Pearl will make a special effort to make sure seniors have access to flyers and brochures informing them about schedules and registration procedures for recreational programs.
The move comes at the urging of councillor Lucy Stoyles, who raised the issue at last week's public council meeting. She said not all seniors have access to computers to go online and learn about the programs. The City used to publish an Activity Guide that listed its recreational programs and registration guidelines that was mailed to every home in Mount Pearl, but discontinued the practice last year because of the cost.
     Deputy Mayor Jim Locke noted the other reason for no longer publishing the guide is that the City is trying “to filter everything through a green lens.” All program information is now posted on the City’s website starting in late August, he added, and also available at the Summit Centre.
     “It’s not that we’re getting rid of all the print material. At the Summit Centre there will be individual pamphlets for the variety of programs,” said Locke. “So residents can still go and avail of that.”
     Mayor Randy Simms said Stoyles raised a good point and argued the City should have hard copies of the material available for people who request it.
     Locke suggested the City might be able to enlist the help of the Seniors Independence Group in getting the word out about the programs.
     “That’s an excellent outlet for it,” Simms agreed.
     Meanwhile, registration for all recreational programs this year will only be done online, Locke said. The City moved from on-site registration to online registration last year, but didn’t make it mandatory for aquatic programs. This year, registration in aquatic programs will have to be done online too. Registration for the aquatic programs will open on Tuesday, September 8 for Mount Pearl residents only, with non-residents being able to register for the programs two days later. Registration for all the other fitness programs opened on August 31.
     One set of programs remain open for in-person registration. People interested in participating in 50 Plus activities can register in person at the Summit Centre starting on September 8. They can also do it online.

Posted on September 3, 2015 .