Summit Centre remains open as pool closes for early maintenance

     Though the building has only been open for months, there is nothing unusual about the new swimming pool at the Summit Centre being closed for two weeks for “regular maintenance,” says the City of Mount Pearl’s Director of Community Services, Jason Collins.
     Collins was asked at the August 25 public council meeting to explain the reason for the maintenance shut down after the chairman of council’s Community Services Committee, Deputy Mayor Jim Locke, said the state of the art aquatic centre would be closed from September 5 to 20. The fitness facilities at the Summit Centre and the Reid Centre will remain open.
     “I was asked by a resident the other day how come a building that is not even a year old (is closing for maintenance)?” said councillor Dave Aker. “I know it was under construction and occupied for about three years now, but what is involved with the maintenance?”
Collins said the work is privative in nature. “It could be anything from looking at the skimmers and sensors, to giving the steel a proper cleaning and a waxing when it comes to the pool deck, things that you typically can’t do when the pool is in operation,” he added.
     Some of the water will be drained from the pool to allow the maintenance work to be conducted, Collins acknowledged.
     Mayor Randy Simms asked whether the shut down for maintenance will be carried out in early September every year.
     Collins said the period could vary. Staff opted to undertake the work at this time, he explained, because of the possibility of dust being left in the centre from the recent construction activities, and there happens to be a lull in the pool’s schedule.
     Councillor Lucy Stoyles pointed out that maintenance at the old pool was usually carried out in December.

Posted on September 3, 2015 .