Owner Of Dilapidated Buildings To Get Clean Up Orders From City Hall

By Kyle Reid | The Pearl

The City has taken issue with a few dilapidated dwellings creating an eyesore on Blackmarsh Road, ordering a local real estate developer to demolish and remediate the abandoned properties.

In total, council ratified three orders regarding the property. Council also ordered a property owner on Pembury Close to address drainage issues which have been causing grief for a neighbour.

In dealing with the first two orders, Councillor Bill Antle, co-chairperson of the Planning and Development Committee, motioned council to ratify orders issued to demolish unoccupied dwellings at 930-934 and 936-940 Blackmarsh Road. Antle explained the properties are unoccupied and unmaintained, citing the City’s Occupancy Maintenance Regulations as justification for issuing the orders.

“City staff regularly communicated with a representative of the property owner to attempt to resolve this matter,” said Antle, noting the City first issued a violation notice on Aug. 8 which requested that the property owner, Leopard Canada Ltd., immediately submit applications to demolish two dwellings located there.

However, Antle noted, the violation notices were ignored by the developer who failed to meet the City’s deadline to submit the applications by Aug. 15.

“On September 15, a site inspection was conducted, confirming the dilapidated dwellings remain on the properties,” Antle said.

In an effort to deal with the ongoing issue and see the abandoned, dilapidated buildings cleaned up, Antle recommended that council ratify the two orders issued on Oct. 10. Council voted unanimously to ratify the two orders.

Antle then moved to the ongoing drainage issue on Pembury Close.

“As a result of a complaint received from a neighbouring property owner, it has come to the City’s attention that there are concerns with the water management control at the civic address number 10 Pembury Close,” said Antle, who noted the property is unoccupied and undeveloped. “The drainage water is flowing onto a neighbour’s property and also onto the city street.”

Antle explained that after a review by City staff, they determined the issue required the property owner of 10 Pembury Close to take action to deal with the drainage problem.

The order was issued to the property owner the day prior to council’s October 16 meeting, and Antle recommended it meet with council’s approval. Council voted unanimously to ratify the order.

Posted on November 7, 2018 .