Taxes Will Have To Go Uncollected

By Kyle Reid | The Pearl

After exhausting all collection efforts, the City of Mount Pearl is giving up chasing over $10,000 in taxes owed by a former business in the area which has closed shop.

Councillor Andrew Ledwell motioned for council to write off the outstanding amount owed to the City during the Oct. 16 regular council meeting.

“City staff have made efforts to collect the taxes you see before you,” said Ledwell, addressing his colleagues on council. “It is a totally uncollectable amount.”

The name of the former business was not identified. In total, the business owed $10,571.32 in taxes and interest.

Despite the inability to collect the taxes, Ledwell said he was satisfied the City made every effort to get its due.

“We’ve reviewed this as a committee and we are certainly satisfied with the efforts of staff to collect this amount,” said Ledwell.

After the question was called, council voted unanimously to write off the amount owed.

Posted on November 7, 2018 .